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The Porsche 962 was one of the better looking cars that Scalextric produced in the eighties and nineties. The main problems were the guide setup and the resultant "praying mantis" stance the front of the car had.
Poor old Scaley couldn't win, they introduced this new track banking system which dictated that all cars must have high ground clearance or on negotiating the banking the cars would automatically deslot!. So much for backward compatability.

Since have come along with their ever improving range of Porsche 956's and soon to be introduced 962's, Scalextric have been left out somewhat in the cold.

I managed to pick up four of the little beasts at a car boot sale for £10, which is good news for us, as there is so much that can be done to these cars to allow them to give a good race, (under certain circumstances) to Maurizio's Marvels.

So what work is required to make these cars fly....Firstly, we are talking Non-magnet here, I'm afraid I don't do magnet cars. We are also talking no lights as I don't do lighted cars.

The first thing to do is chop the chassis up as per photograph below

Next you need to cut a section of PcB to act as a guide holder as shown in photograph below and fix into position with two part epoxy

Next file flat the two small ribs of plastic that acted as reinforcing ribs for the old guide.

Next fit a TSRF Scalex/Fly replacement Guide

Throw away the old motor, ( it really is false economy to try and reuse it.) and replace with a new unit. (You can buy 5 motors for £10 at Slotbug.) . Throw away the old pinion and fit a model.

Next cut off the old Scalex crown wheel reuse the axle and fit a new crown

Next fit new wheels and tyres

Reduce the height of the front support pillars by about 2 or 3 mm

Add weight (Overdrive make a useful lead pack) as per the above photograph.

The car will now perform much better than previously and on a small to medium Home track will keep pace with a Porsche. If you have a longish straight the car will pull away.

I'll cover tyres in a separate post, 'cause I've spent some time this weekend trying to find the best combination for Sport track.

As you can see from the photograph the Scalextric car now sits on the track with a much lower stance, on a par with the car.



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QUOTE Throw away the old motor, ( it really is false economy to try and reuse it.)
Ummm... I think that's the motor I've now got in my small car proxy chassis

Great how to Alan. I've got one of these cars (and the Jag) boxed away somewhere so I think I'll be ordering a few more of those TSRF guides now. Already got the PCB
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