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Just showing off my newest acquisition

Assembled Scalextric Protec Vectra:

I bought it "used" with the intention to use it since I also have an unbuilt kit of the same car, but when it arrived it looked like it had never been on a track, so I'm not sure what to do with it now

Very nice kit's and a piece of Scalextric history, even though they are not old enough to be classics yet.


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HI Tore, Lucky find!

I aquired one on Ebag recently, despite the seller appearing to be a Hornby Railway specialist, they did not know what it was and listed it without Scalextric in the title. I thought it was a protec, but to be honest I only wanted the body. When it arrived it was in apparently un run condition although no box/accs/inst came with it.

Despite having all the Protec "flyers" and Catalogues, until I had it in my hand I was unaware that it had a drop arm. Not sure what to do with it now, need to find some time to run it on a smooth track to see what it can do sometime


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It's pity Scalextric didn't continue Protec serie. Protec cars (Audi A4 & Opel Vectra) were nice, motor was really powerful and chassis concept was working. Despite the fact chassis was straight copy of Cox IFC from 60's. Of course there were some problems and poor quality components:
- 3 mm axle diameter and components are too heavy for 1/32 (my opinion)
- Quality of axles were really poor
- Braids were too thick
- Guide height wasn't correct
- Front axle height was problematic
- etc.

I started to race with Protec Audi in Finnish championship serie about immediatelly Hornby launched them (late 90's). Year after year I modified and developed the car until it was very competitive in touring car class. The last season was 2005-06. Car was unbeatable and after this our governing body banned all metal chassis cars from finnish national serie
. Totally I won finnish touring car championsihip four times with my Protec Audi. Nice Protec memories

I think Protec concept (with modern low, wide and light GT/P-style body) would be very competitive even nowadays in 1/32 plastic track racing.


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That is very interesting Finscale,

I got a Protec Vauxhall when they came out, and spent some time "fettling" to achieve reasonable performance.

I agree that they made a mistake, re. axle sizes, but that was typical short-sighted Sport Parts market protectionism.

I would be interested in what developments you achieved with your Audi.

Surely, it cant hurt now to reveal all !!.

VBR Chris A.
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