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erm, well if it's the fastest scalex car, wont that render challenger useless?

also, why do I find all that gossip to sound like well.. nuthn

and hasnt the different coloured gears been done before? oh yes slot it do them.. sonow we will get confused with the colours and teeth!

and eac motor needs its own "cradle" one thats gonna be expensive and two I'd just
at anyone who buys everything for it..

and the off centre motor MUST affect handling!


p.s dont care bout the ads.. older cars always seem to be faster! well for 23 grand in 1995 you could buy a 225bhp escort cossie today you can buy an RS for 20 grand that has 212bhp.. now which has the badge thats most appetising?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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