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· Alan Tadd
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Some very nice cars in that selection.

As a market leader Scalextric have to appeal to the mass market, hence I would imagine, the Starsky and Hutch thingie!

Can't wait for the Lister, and the reintroduction of the Vanwall is a great idea. Scaley obviously monitor Ebay on a regular basis.

Not sure about the Ford GT, bit of a strange choice that one.

All in all a great programme. I wish them well.



· DT
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What I think will be cool:

Porsche Boxter
Maserati Coupe
Audi TT Coupe
Dodge Viper Competition Coupe (Scaley version!)
Ford Gran Torino 1976 Starsky & Hutch
Ford GT (I hope it's the new GT 2005 version)

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The Vanwall & Maserati, I guess similar to the Power & Glory cars before. If so, this is a superb move, I would love to see Scalextric release some of their vast back catalogue.

Pleasantly surprised about the Skoda Fabia WRC in the Scalextric line up. Probably more than likely a dead cert for an SCX release too; following hot on the heels of the previous SCX Skoda.

The new Ford GT, a wise move by Scalextric, no doubt compliment the classic/current version nicely and go down with the U.S. audience.

Dodge Viper & Lister Storm!?! taking the fight to Fly.

Ford Gran Torino 1976 Starsky & Hutch - Another (duff film) remake tie in. Nice car, but personally would rather see a competition spec:

Ford GT 40 Mk II Le Mans 1966 No 59 - Methinks they look good in White. I just wished they released an identical version to the German one.

Merry Christmas!


· Russell Sheldon
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Also listed at Pendle Slot Racing (in my humble opinion THE best dealer anywhere!).

C2583 Williams F1 FW23 #3 New Livery
C2584 Williams F1 FW23 #4 New Livery
C2581 Renault F1 2004 New Livery
C2582 Renault F1 2004 New Livery
C2554 Mclaren Mercedes 2004 New Model
C2555 Mclaren Mercedes 2004 New Model
C2552 Vanwall F1 1961 New Model
C2551 Maserati F1 1953 New Model
C2571 Indy IRL Dreyer & Reinbold Racing #24 New Livery
C2572 Indy IRL Andretti Green Racing 7-Eleven #11 New Livery
C2521 Lister Storm LMP900 #20 New Model
C2522A Dodge Viper Competition Coupe New Model
C2523A Dodge Viper Competition Coupe New Model
C2590 TVR T400R CDL Racing New Livery
C2591 TVR T400R JCB New Livery
C2579 Porsche 911 GT3R Freisinger Motorsport #50 New Livery
C2580 Porsche 911 GT3R Siekel Motorsport #83 New Livery
C2504A Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa 2003 New Model
C2505A Maserati Coupe Cambiocorsa 2003 New Model
C2567 AMG Mercedes CLK Express Service #4 New Livery
C2592A Audi A4 Works 2004 New Model
C2593 Audi A4 Works Team 2004 New Model
C2569 Astra V8 Coupe Team Holzer #8 New Livery
C2587 Subaru Impreza Works 2004 New Livery
C2550 Subaru Impreza 'The Sun' #131 New Livery
C2588 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 WRC Privateer New Livery
C2486A Skoda Fabia WRC Works 2003 New Model
C2487A Skoda Fabia WRC Works 2003 New Model
C2560A Peugeot 307 WRC Works 2004 New Model
C2561A Peugeot 307 WRC Works 2004 New Model
C2563 BMW Mini 'John Cooper Challenge' #15 New Livery
C2562 BMW Mini 'John Cooper Challenge' #27 New Livery
C2564 BMW Mini 'John Cooper Challenge' #28 New Livery
C2564 BMW Mini 'John Cooper Challenge' #22 New Livery
C2589 Caterham 7 New Livery
C2570A Ford Gt 2003 New Model
C2506 Audi TT Coupe New Model (Budget Range)
C2507 Audi TT Coupe New Model (Budget Range)
C2478 Porsche Boxster New Model (Budget Range)
C2479 Porsche Boxster New Model (Budget Range)
C2566 Chevy Corvette 1969 #1 Roadster New Model
C2575 Chevy Corvette 1969 Street Car New Livery
C2577 Chevy Camaro 1969 #72 New Livery
C2573 Chevy Camaro 1969 New Livery
C2576 Ford Boss Mustang 1969 #1 New Livery
C2574 Ford Boss Mustang 1969 Street Version New Livery
C2553 Ford Gran Torino 'Starsky & Hutch' New Model
C2578A Ford GT40 1966 #9 New Livery
C2585 Ascar Team Territorial Army #84 New Livery
C2586 Ascar Unity Racing #48 New Livery

There will also be a new range of Pit crew figures and a new range of Sport tuning spares.

Now these I like:

C2552 Vanwall F1 1961
C2551 Maserati F1 1953
New range of Pit crew figures

I wonder if the Torino wil eventually come out in the version that ran at Le Mans in 1976:

Kind regards


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A few comments on some the new liveries :

- the latest F1 liveries come as no surprise, we almost expect those to come,
- there are two Porsches GT3. The Seikel one is likely to be from Le Mans, this a VERY spectacular livery
and then comes Freisinger's Porsche, likely to be the winning car from SPA
I love it ! No Racer's Group though ...
- I doesn't spring to my mind which livery is the #24 car but the 7eleven will be fine. I am quite surprised that there aren't more new liveries of this model
- the DTM Astra and the CLK : only two new liveries ?!? I'm starving !
- the JCB TVR has a livery that is quite close to the Mobil one that was done for Argos. I'm haven't yet figured out which livery is the other new one.
- can someone tell me the colour of the GT40 from Le Mans 1966 ? This is a yellow one ?

About some the new models :

- We already knew the Lister was coming but this doesn't say that it won't be eagerly awaited.

- the Maserati coupe is a bit of a surprise. It just hope it will be close enough to the car that will race in the GT class. (BTW, I think that all the Trophy cars had the same livery ?)
- The DTM A4 is likely to appear late in the year since it hasn't yet done any race. A logical choice, but they don't announce the Vectra or the new Mercedes ...
- I have strong doubts that the TT will be a racing version, especially as it comes with a Porsche Boxster in a range apart
- and then the one BIG surprise : a Viper ! Is it the new one or the first one ? I don't think the new one has already seen a racing track ? !

A few surprises as well :

First : one big surprise ... Neither BAR nor Jordan found their way on the list but there is already a new McLaren which recently got a new release ...
Two : no Prodrive Ferrari 550 ... I kept my fingers crossed ... This should mean that Carrera still have the exclusive rights for modern Ferraris.
Three : No new livery for the MG Lola ! (see my former anwser)

One question remain : are these all the new models AND liveries for 2004 ?

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Hi Fast Lucky,

Regarding the GT40 livery is it this one?


I also interpreted the list as road going liveries (Audi TT, Boxster, Viper & Ford GT).

Merry Christmas to you all.

Kind regards,


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Thanks Jamie ...

It appears that the GT40 won't be a yellow one then ...

I discovered pictures of the second TVR in the meantime. It raced in the British championship in 2003. It's a white car with the british flag on the roof and depending from the race, a small yellow stripe on the front spoiler. Not very exciting. I would have preferred the blue one from 2001.

A merry Xmas to everyone as well.



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I don't think it 's too bad there won't be many new liveries of the Astra and CLK, as in the new models, they're doing the new-shape Audi A4 DTM car, so as a DTM fan, there'll still be cool stuff.

Also, The NASCAR liveries aren't winston cup cars- They're a couple of british ASCAR "days of thunder" series cars from this year, pontiacs. they're Dramatic liveries, too- a US-flag based on (unity), and camouflage (TA)
Whether this means the ponty'll get updated to a sidewinder, I don't know. probably not, I guess.

The Viper is the comp coupe, which is the new car. It's not homologated for FIA or ACO competition, but i think it is run in SWC and there's definitely one running in the JGTC last year.

One thing, Were vanwall still going in F1 in 1961? if so, is it the classic vanwall, or the abortive, last-gasp, mid-engined car?

It looks like a great line-up. I really want the lister...

I agree with Russell, Pendle Slot Racing is the world's best slot dealer without queston. It's really great to see Scalextric doing so well.

Yesterday my youngest daughter (She is 6) and I spent the day racing 1960's Scalextric cars and we had great fun with a couple of Ferrari 250GTB.

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