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· Matt Tucker
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Just picked this up from Sean: Pendle Slot Racing
"We have the obtained the following release dates from Scalextric. Please note these are the expected docking dates at Scalextric so please allow another 7-14 days for Scalextric to despatch to us.
  • C2502A Corvette L88 - 14th OCT (Due in stock THIS WEEK)
    C2503A Corvette L88 - 21st OCT
    C2453A TVR - 4th Nov
    C2454A TVR - 14th OCT
    C2482 MG Lola - 9th DEC
    C2483 MG Lola - 9th DEC
    C8157 Mercedes Challenger - 25th NOV
    C8159 Mercedes Challenger - 25th NOV
    C2494 Mitsubishi - 18th NOV
    C2508 Camaro - 18th NOV
    C2517 Indy Gulf - 11th NOV
    C2518 Indy Pirelli - 2nd DEC
    C2394 Indy Red Bull - 18th NOV
    C2397 & C2398 Benetton F1 NOW DUE 2004 "
The first Corvette is available now from my fav UK retailer but should be available generally this week.

I presume interchange Renault for Benetton.

I'm glad the Challenger is still aimed at pre-chrimbo as it's on my Santa's wish list!


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Thanks Matt - that really IS useful news!
(For those who don't know who 'Sean' is (not many!), I inserted the link)
This should stimulate a flurry of enthusiasm leading up to the festive season.

One or two of those could be a bit tight on time for Santa's Stockings if we have to allow an extra 7-14 days for shipping to the dealers.
There's going to be a bit of nail-biting, I reckon!

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QUOTE I presume interchange Renault for Benetton.
I think Matt was suggesting there might have been an error in the info.

Just had a chat with Sean and he manfully admitted that he hadn't quite got the hang of Benetton being taken over by Renault on the full-size scene! The new Scalextric car WILL be a Renault, not a Benetton and it is postponed until early 2004. So, nicely cleared up, but a pity we will have to wait until after Chrimbo for it!
Actually, maybe just as well to spread the releases out a bit. We need things after Christmas as well as before and during!

Incidentally, Sean mentioned that the new Pendle Message Board is up and running. I think we will find that we all complement each other rather well - knowledge and information is everything.

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Slotcenter is still announcing the Renault F1 for next month and is showing the two cars (Alonso and Trulli).

My dealer asked me yesterday if he had to keep one of those for me (I'm due to go back next month), so it looks that we will get them earlier than 2004.


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I hope you are right, Luc.
It would be nice to get a bit more variety into our club track events.
Tomorrow, we have four classes for 1980s Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, and Modern Scalextric - ALL F1 classes.
I would have loved to have been able to produce a Renault for the modern Scaley Class, but will use the Toyota while everyone else brings boring McLaren and Williams. I'm sure not to win, but at least I'll know which car is mine!
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