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Dave Stone joined Hornby in 1960 as a young man sporting a teddy boy haircut. He was one of the many key personal at Hornby who live largely in obscurity but who are responsible for the excellent models that we enjoy today. The loss of his knowledge and skills are considerable and this has delayed the production of new models as noted by GT40. Model making was a labour of love for Dave and he is sadly missed by his colleagues at Hornby.

On the other point raised by Max the comparison has to be made with "out of the box" cars. Once a car has been "prepared" it is no longer "out of the box" IMHO.

The Fly Lola is very popular among club racers as being THE car to own that is not a lightweight Sport/Racing model. Given that it has what is considered to be a more powerful motor and a longer wheelbase and wider track it is only to be expected that it will run faster than the Scaley GT40 so the comparison is a little bit suspect.

I wonder how the Fly Lola would do versus the GT40 with a standard Scaley type motor instead?

And it would be very interesting indeed to run a Scaley MG Lola against a Fly Lola with identical motors and magnets in place!

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