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I use RMS and have no problems with it - ensure you download the last patch from the sclextric website. You can plan your track, keep you car inventory, have little pics of the racers, to time qualifying, single races, championships. Basically it meets all my home racing requirements. Times to 100ths of a second. Need to put the trigger swithch track prior to a corner at which you break so the guide will definetly trigger the switch and ensure its totally flat. If some guides don't trigger the mech a bit of guide stretching normally resolves the issue.

However they are not going to develop it further as Sports World is the next incarnation although this will have much more functionality and rely on IR technology rather than a switch mech.

I'd advise you read up on sports world (check out Nuros London toyfair review on this site) and if you feel its a bit over the top investigate RMS otherwise I'd advise await sports world.

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