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Wanted to complete some specials:

Hornby Scalextric Williams FW20 Ref C2161 or C2162

Front Axle with wheels, tyres
Driver body and head
Rear Axle, wheels and tyres

Will buy a complete car if required (with the above parts) don't need any wings, skirts, chassis, body etc so maybe a car you have crashed -written off?

Hornby Scalextric Subaru - Older style

Complete car (or any parts) minus the main body don't need the main body or the motor

Hornby Scalextric Toyota Corrola

Several complete cars required - don't need the main body or the motor.

Hornby Scalextric Jaguar LE Mans XJ8/XJR9 (not the XJ220!)

This is the Castrol, Silk Cut, black Le Mans type car.

Complete car required with wing (preferablly the black car ref C602W)

Big thankyou to anyone who goes through their spares box and finds any of the above, plus money of course!

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