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Scalextric Skoda Fabia WRC

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my flatmate bought a scaley wrc skoda (lucky, seen as i was about to, but can now use his!!!), but its makes so much noise! in the review i read it sounds like a real car, but i think this is a bit much. it sounds like uve selotaped a piece of plastic to you front forks on your mountain bike to make it sound like and engin against the sppokes as u ride, its realy loud. i know its not meant to be like this cos it will randomly stop, and go to a simalr, but much quieter and less rough sounding noise for a while, but then go back! does anyomne else have this problem? or is it the car. weve looked all over and in and cant see n e thing that would suggest the noise?
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I have to say the Skoda I got was exceptionally smooth straight out of the box - quiet except for the whine of the motor.

I have to say Scaly have in my eyes surpased themselves with the this model - it handled beautifully on my clubs routed track without any mods what so ever. That is unheard of.

Take the body off and rotate and shake everything until you find the rogue part then fix it. if the pinion/crown is not meshing smoooooooth then find the offending tooth that binds and take a slitther (I mean a slither) off its leading edge.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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