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Scalextric Skoda Fabia WRC

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my flatmate bought a scaley wrc skoda (lucky, seen as i was about to, but can now use his!!!), but its makes so much noise! in the review i read it sounds like a real car, but i think this is a bit much. it sounds like uve selotaped a piece of plastic to you front forks on your mountain bike to make it sound like and engin against the sppokes as u ride, its realy loud. i know its not meant to be like this cos it will randomly stop, and go to a simalr, but much quieter and less rough sounding noise for a while, but then go back! does anyomne else have this problem? or is it the car. weve looked all over and in and cant see n e thing that would suggest the noise?
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weve looked, and theres nothing. aparently its done it ever since being taken out of the box? i think that maybe the cog on the axel is so close to the cog on the motor that it may be hitting the non teethed bit of the small cog, but theres no sign of wear on it anywhere? we havent yet taken off the band to the front wheels, but i dont see how that wud make the noise
well we took it apart, and fiddled around inside, ran the motor without a rear axel, took the band off, all sorts couldnt find the source of any noise, put it back on the track, and the car is quiet as a whisper? it now runs faster and smoother and requires less presure on the trigger to get it moving (it used to require almost half throttle just to pull away). we didnt do anything but the noise has gone? ive niticed something else tho. has anyone noticed this car deslots in a different way to any other slot cars (at least toaly different to any car ive got). it doesnt fly off in a straite line, or roll over, it does a nice little piroette (spin) when it comes off. i dunno of this is cos of the 4x4 drive, or its short wheelbase, but it looks cool. it just spins about 360 degrees and ends up almost back where it started. saves on damage to cos the car stays on its wheels (unlike my battered DTM cars).
well the noise has mysterisouly gone, but i wudnt leave it out of your collection! it looks absolutely buetifull, and although its not the fastest down the straites, it flys round the corners. its a great race car, which is a problem seen as the one i got isnt mine, its a mates, so i never get to race it lol.
yeah, weve reglued the spoiler once aswell. scalextric and co should make the breakable bits stronger! like metal supports of stuff
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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