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Scalextric Skoda Fabia WRC

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my flatmate bought a scaley wrc skoda (lucky, seen as i was about to, but can now use his!!!), but its makes so much noise! in the review i read it sounds like a real car, but i think this is a bit much. it sounds like uve selotaped a piece of plastic to you front forks on your mountain bike to make it sound like and engin against the sppokes as u ride, its realy loud. i know its not meant to be like this cos it will randomly stop, and go to a simalr, but much quieter and less rough sounding noise for a while, but then go back! does anyomne else have this problem? or is it the car. weve looked all over and in and cant see n e thing that would suggest the noise?
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I've read tons of reviews about this car to. If it really is as noisy and as bad as you say than I think I'll have to leave it out of my collection. There are plenty of other cars I want anyway. However the car may just have a fault or you might have to take it apart and look and tune it better.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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