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Scalextric Sport Digital

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Scalextric to Unveil Sport Digital System at London Toy Fair 2004

We thought that it might arrive sometime soon...

- Six cars to race on a single Scalextric lane
- New digital hand throttles
- Sport Digital power control unit
- Button-braking function
- 9 different modes of racing to choose from
- Compatible with existing Scalextric Sport track

The Sport Digital Race Ready Set
- Set containing: Track, Digital Control unit, 2 Digital cars & 2 enhanced digital hand throttles and one lane change track piece.

Sport Digital Pro (for existing layouts)
- Contains: Command Unit, Connector Track, 2 hand throttles, Software CD ROM, Power unit, 2 Changeover tracks.

Click here for the Scalextric Press Release

You heard it first on SlotForum! We will have all the info on this system as it becomes available.
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About time they made this announcement and it looks like they have looked at the other products releasing and not made the same mistakes.

Backward compatability (although only to cars 2 yrs or younger) and track compatable
The one thing that worries me are the controllers which from the statement sound like electronic controllers but will it make my current one defunct?

I'l be getting my mits on this - my Christmas 2004 list has already begun

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you looking for testers - if so I'll happily nominate myself!

Q1) Is the system able to integrate with any track that can connect to Scaly Sport?
Q2) Will the chips be available on general release at same time as the main product release?
Q3) How much will the chips weigh?
Q4) What will the cross-over track design be?
Q5) Will the system only work with new digital scaly hand controllers?
Q6) What functionality over and above RMS will the PC link allow?

many more q's but don't want to hog thread.

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Lane changer required for 2-4-6 lanes. My two pennies

For the vast vast majority (>97%) of users the ability to run 6 cars is more than enough and so I would expect 2 lanes is fine. Doubt many have 6 racers let alone enough for marshalling.

However there will be a few who want to take the experience that bit further and have the ability to put deslotted cars on another lane so putting them back on does not cause a crash (ala Davic). However if you make a pitlane available then the cars could always be put in there.

For club racing which make up less than 1% of tracks then they either have a roued track or will not jump on the digital band wagon (for their club). A case a why change sommit that is not broken.

So from this logic - a 2-4-6 lane change would not be a big seller

My offer to do some testing still stands - got to make it dummy proof and I'm ideal for this!!
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My concl is that clubs won't take up the digital challenge unless there is a 2-4-6 lane changer - not commericially viable unless Scalextric aim to make their system the only system out there (which they would undoubtadly like to) but is it worth the inital profit loss from tooling a 2-4-6 lane changer.

However if digital really takes off at home, and with what Scaly are offering, I can see no reason why not, it will become te standard (in UK and other Scalextric homelands) and thus future club racers would expect digital to be available at clubs. If not would the would be racers be put off especially when their thumbs are used to using a braking button and thus club racing die or be reborn with digital only. Not a short term thing but it will happen.

Advice - esp to those with clubs staritng (Swiss) ensure you have a track with digital and that you build in to youre financialm pans ability and funds to expand that capability.

The controller thing I think is the crux unless prof motor can bring out an add on that allows you to incorp in to scaly digital


I'll be getting it and still try to compete on my clubs routed track. However I'll expect disdainful looks from newbies when they see a non-digital track when currently we get gawping faces in awe of a track they've never seen so big.
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