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Scalextric Sport Digital

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Scalextric to Unveil Sport Digital System at London Toy Fair 2004

We thought that it might arrive sometime soon...

- Six cars to race on a single Scalextric lane
- New digital hand throttles
- Sport Digital power control unit
- Button-braking function
- 9 different modes of racing to choose from
- Compatible with existing Scalextric Sport track

The Sport Digital Race Ready Set
- Set containing: Track, Digital Control unit, 2 Digital cars & 2 enhanced digital hand throttles and one lane change track piece.

Sport Digital Pro (for existing layouts)
- Contains: Command Unit, Connector Track, 2 hand throttles, Software CD ROM, Power unit, 2 Changeover tracks.

Click here for the Scalextric Press Release

You heard it first on SlotForum! We will have all the info on this system as it becomes available.
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Thanks for stopping by Adrian

For poor people like me, who've spent all their income on a 4-lane Sport setup...

- Will there be the ability to crossover between 4 lanes?
- Could one have a track with 4 lanes down the staight and perhaps 2 lanes on some curves?
- Is it 6 cars per 2-lane track or 6 overall?
QUOTE (Turismo @ 5 Jan 2004, 05:45 PM)...
How many volts/amps is the power supply? It's gonna have to be substantial.....
If each car draws around 1.2 amps, 6 cars would draw 7.2 amps.


Power increases (more cars), so if the amps go up accordingly, the voltage can remain the same.
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Do we really need a Digital Forum?

Is this going to be a separate issue of is it going to become mainstream in the long run?

Anybody to second the motion or to oppose?
Those last two posts sum up what I feel: Keep news issues to news, cars to cars and track to track, doesn't matter if it's pink or blue.

Anyway, back on tropic... SlotForum will be represented at the British Toy Fair where The Scalextric Digital will be shown, so if they let us take photos, you'll see them here as it comes out!
We can add a new section at any stage, then prune topics and move digital stuff in afterwards. So let just see how it goes.

Why not take the plunge and start a few new threads on the aspects of digital? They don't all have to be in here.
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OK, I started another topic as a branch to this subject on digital decoders (size, cost etc).
QUOTE (Koffeebreak @ 6 Jan 2004, 02:54 AM)I've seen quite a few postings about the compatability of Scalex digital with other manufacturers' track, but what about other manufacturers' cars? Will the Scalextric chip be able to fit say, Fly or Ninco cars?
I don't see why not. There isn't anything proprietary in a Scalextric car. I would add the decoders to my other cars just as fast as I add them to my Scalextric cars. That would be the first requirement of a digital system for me. Compatibility across my existing collection.
I can't believe how many people are just sitting on this topic.

I was out in my garage just now sticking down my track with silicone. I really wish to be able to integrate digital, if only to add a bit of tactical fun to the track. I have 4 fast lanes and a good permanent set up. I don't want this technology to be reserved for the living room floor I want to embrace it.

I can't add chips to all my cars but I would to a few - and with that I'd like to run some older ones by hand too.

I can see where Wankel comes from as I've seen his 6-lane club track and met some of the members. Digital will not revolutionise his way of doing things.

When we went up to the 5-lane Pendle track and met all the folk from the region (a few other clubs joined in) there were allot of people there that night. But it all seemed to work fine, with racers racing, marshals doing their jobs and the rest making tea and chatting. It would be hard to add more people to that room if more cars were added to the race. I also don't think that everyone in the room would want to race at once. There is a whole support network that is just happy watching and helping out.
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The limit is probably governed by how much power the tranformers produce.

6 cars is the limit per lane, so there is a chance - even with a 4-lane track (if that lane 2 to lane 3 track piece is produced) that all the cars would end up on one lane. So perhaps it limits the maximum number of racers to 6.
QUOTE (Tropi @ 7 Jan 2004, 01:08 AM)Digital is useless for certain applications - car speedometers are a good example.
I've got one.

I quite like it though, is that bad
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QUOTE (moped rider @ 7 Jan 2004, 12:45 PM)...
It is not appropriate to have seperate discussion board at Slotforum due to the negative views of so many of the moderators. ...
Moped, can you please substantiate this.

I've put a new section up - if only to stop the bitchin'
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