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Scalextric Sport Digital

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Scalextric to Unveil Sport Digital System at London Toy Fair 2004

We thought that it might arrive sometime soon...

- Six cars to race on a single Scalextric lane
- New digital hand throttles
- Sport Digital power control unit
- Button-braking function
- 9 different modes of racing to choose from
- Compatible with existing Scalextric Sport track

The Sport Digital Race Ready Set
- Set containing: Track, Digital Control unit, 2 Digital cars & 2 enhanced digital hand throttles and one lane change track piece.

Sport Digital Pro (for existing layouts)
- Contains: Command Unit, Connector Track, 2 hand throttles, Software CD ROM, Power unit, 2 Changeover tracks.

Click here for the Scalextric Press Release

You heard it first on SlotForum! We will have all the info on this system as it becomes available.
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Having seen the video of SCX system, congrats to Scaley for making it backwards compatible

One small question on this though (slap me if i'm being dumb)....presumably you can just "turn-off" or unplug the digital control hub and use the track in traditional mode?????

Also, will there be any mode for a single lonley racer to race the computer controlling all the other cars...or is this top secret?

(btw....when can we pre-order
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QUOTE (Intergrali @ 7 Jan 2004, 06:58 PM)anyway, I am watching analogue TV now, and when I wear a watch which is hardly ever as my phone tells the time perfectly well, I wear a windey up one. makes sense as batteries never need to be replaced!
Presumably it's a DIGITAL phone?

Good to see so much input into this.....makes interesting reading! Just a couple of observations:

a) Digital cameras now outsell film cameras......does that mean one is "better" than the they're just different. Some ppl suit digital, some suit film...some still use both

CD's spell the death of vinyl............try telling that to vinyl lovers...there will always be a mass market and a niche market

c) Digital tv will replace analogue by 2005........and there's still never anything on worth watching

I think it's a shame ppl are so intent on knocking it before you've tried it. I think there is room for both. Personally, I think it's pretty exciting and am looking forward to trying the new system with an open mind.

Sure it will probably attract new racers, which means more money for the manufacturers....which means more investment.....which means more goodies for us to spend out hard earned cash on!

I don't think it will mean the death of slot-car racing as we know it.....the invention of chocolate ice-cream didn't mean they stopped making vanilla!

Surely the crux of the matter (whether digital takes off or not) boils down to one simple it fun. If ppl enjoy it, it'll take off.....if they don't, it'll die.
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1 - 2 of 141 Posts
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