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Hi Guys

Thought I would finally get round to selling my Sport track after deciding a couple of months ago to switch to Ninco (still not entirely sure it was the best way to go).

Anyway, as a result I have the following to offload:

Code Description Quantity

C8200 Quarter Straight 4
C8203 Radius 2 Racing Crossover Curve 4
C8205 Standard Straight 62
C8206 Radius 2 Curve 45 44
C8207 Half Straight 19
C8210 Straight Crossover 90 1
C8215 Timer Straight 1
C8215 Timer Straight with converter 1
C8217 Starting Straight Power Base 1
C8236 Short Straight 8
C8246 Side Swipe Straight 4
C912 Transformer 1
Sport Throttles 2
Borders - various

The whole lot must have cost £600+ but obviously not looking for that sort of money. Any reasonable offers will be considered. I have already sold a few items to a couple of Forum members so they know it's all in excellent condition.

If no interest I will probably have a go at selling on e-bay


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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