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Scalextric has announced the Scalextric Sport World System, which is a combination of hardware and software that will allow racers from all over the world to compete against each other by connecting their layouts to the internet via a PC.

The Scalextric Sport World System consists of a control unit fitted with a LCD screen that allows racers to choose from one of nine race modes. It will also offer an unrivalled level of race management variables, including the ability to tune cars, 3-D circuit design and variable race conditions such as pit stop strategy and weather conditions.

The special Scalextric internet server gives access to a world of on-line racing. There will be a wide choice of races to compete in, be it one-off challenges, or leagues and championships and every level of ability will be catered for as invitation only races can also be set up.

The website will integrate the position of all of the on-line racers on a single virtual race track with detailed graphics of each car. It will also allow spectators from around the world to follow the progress of any race with virtual coverage on screen.
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