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Scalextric SPORT World website

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Jesus wept. They don't learn at Margate do they?

Here's Wankel's little HTML tip for you guys:


Means that your average UK Johnnie on an 800x600 screen won't see the text underneath your oh so pretty pictures. Hell, on a 1024x768 you don't get to see it all.

And you don't need a fullstop after an exclamation mark.

Man, I hope they coded the software better than the site.

Tsch, tsch, tsch.

Moped, I congratulate you on simply posting the link and not hyperbolixing it. Much appreciated.
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Hmmm, a quick check on the main Scaley site and I can find no mention of this...

Where did you get the link from Moped?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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