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Scaley Sport tune up parts are all for a 3mm axle. Standard Scaley cars are built with a 2.38mm (3/32") axle. So the alloy wheels will not be a suitable replacement unless you also swap out the bearings, axles and gears as well.

Silicon tyres are good if you run on a clean track in a dust free environment. The first time I tried them on a non mag car on a freshly cleaned (scrubbed with methylated spirits) Scaley Sport track the grip was extreme. Too much in fact, with the car inclined to balk and tip rather than track around a corner. However, the second time I tried them with the track wiped only with a microfibre cloth to remove dust, the car behaved like it was on ice.

The moral to the story is: Silicon tyres require a track that is free from dust and scrupulously clean. If you are prepared to keep your track this way, then silis may be the tyre you need.

I use MJKs as mentioned by DangerMouse because they are produced locally to me (well... in the same country at least), are reliable and are easy to obtain. But the absolute best thing about MJKs is the way they list the tyres by a full set of dimensions which makes it easy to find a tyre that will fit your rims.

It is worthwhile to invest in an inexpensive set of vernier calipers (digital ones are readily and cheaply available) to allow easy measurement of wheels so that you can cross reference tyre sizes.

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