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If you enjoy messing about with your cars/tyres, here are a few more options to keep you busy!

- On ebay, mixed in with Scalextric cars, you will find a Canadian (Paul) listing urethane tyres. Go to his Shop & look at the
XPG grade tyres. These are a very soft grade of urethane & the guy usually gives a very good guide against each size, as
to exactly what cars &/or wheels they will fit. I admit, I have never used them on plastic tracks, but on a routed MDF track
with a sprayed polyurethane paint finish, they can be very good. So far the best application for the XPG tyre seems to be
for vintage, low powered, narrow tyred cars,eg, Vanwall. They are easy to true & dont mind a bit of dust. I am about to try
my cars on a large Scalextric track &, if I remember(!), will let you know how they go.
Also, the seller, Paul, is extremely helpful & will help you choose the correct XPG tyre for each of your cars.

- The tyres I have used on a plastic track, are the NSR range, very worth a try. I would be inclined to avoid the super soft
Extreme range & start with the Ultragrip. Dont know what cars you have, but your main problem may be finding NSR tyres
that match your Scalextric wheels. Generally the NSR tyres will suit wheels with wider ridges on the hubs.

- Why not see if there is a slot car club local to you that runs Scalextric events, if you are lucky, you may find a dedicated
Scalextric club. You & your son will get so much advice from " the experts " there, your heads will spin!! One thing is sure,
you will love the experience of racing your cars on a larger track.

Good Racing. Stan.
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