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Hi All

i run a scalextric digital track in the loft so it's a bit dusty but not too bad. It is just fun racing for me and my son (not sure who enjoys it more
but want to get the most from it without going OTT on costs.)

I've picked up a lot on this forum about maintenance of cars and track which has made a big difference already. (the track looked clean to the eye) but a bit of isoprpyl alcholol on a microfibre cloth had the cars singing again. A bit of wd40 since i dont have inox also made a big difference. I keep the braids clean with either of the two above chemicals and a tooth brush. Done flipper magnet mods on lane changers - amazing difference to pace cars! BUT--

I've been upgrading some of the cars to the scalextric metal hubs which come with what are descibed as silicon tyres.

My issues are:

The old tyres sanded in the car and then oiled seem to be better than the new tyres that come with the hubs (this maybe due to me finding the new tyres hard to sand) is this fair? How should I sand them?

Should I even be sanding silicon tyres?

Should I be oiling silicon tyres?

I have read that silicon tyres ruin your track unless that is all you use but also not sure if the sport plus tyres are actually silicon?

Am I wasting money upgrading the wheels or is the benefit really coming from putting the required larger axle and brass bearings which then require the hubs?

If I should be upgrading scalextric cars at all, what are the best value adjustments, IE performance/handling difference for the £?

At the minute we race with magnets but the line between control and out of control is so fine that my eyesight and reactions cant cope so intend to go magless but need to get my head round that too as I took the magnet out of a car and it was uncontrollable - too slow or flying out on corners. I'm going to try reducing throttle max to something like 30% in ssdc to see how I get on then. Although from what I've seen on the forum, scalextric aren't really meant to be run magless?

So much to learn my head hurts lol.

I look forward to any advice

PS. not had delivery yet but may have just found a supply of inox in UK at LDDiscounts! With delivery it is £10 for 125 ml pump bottle which is maybe more than importing from canada or wherever it comes from but if they deliver ok, it may be of use to other uk forum members. Will post again when it arrives just to update everyone.

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thanks for all the replys.

I will ditch the silicons as the track does get a bit dusty in the loft. The links to tyre supplies ar very useful. I will get the calipers to make sure I get the right sizes.

I had been upgrading axles, gears etc to use the new sport hubs so it gets a bit expensive that way. Just changing tyres will be a much better option although I will take a look at the axle kits.

Many thanks.
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