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My two pennith,
keep it it simple retain the Scaly Wheels, check they have no high spots with the tyres off. Fit Slot.It P6 19x10 to your Rally/Road cars or anything with a current tyre width of less than 10mm.
On cars with wider tyres typically GT/LMP car fit NSR Ultragrips 19.5x12 on 16mm rim or 10x12 on 17mm rims. What ever you use glue them on around the rims only, this makes them easier to remove and gives you more grip.
The P6 was designed for smooth plastic tracks like Scaly Sport and do not require any oil, although it will give a marginal improvement when racing without magnets.
The NSR Ultragrip with a little oil massaged in will give you great grip, especially if you go non mag.
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