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As has been said, don't mix silicone tyres with rubber tyres on the same track. Once you've thoroughly cleaned your track all you should then need to do is wipe it over before use with a damp cloth. Using rubber tyres, the track will eventually 'rubber up', silicone tyres will wipe that all off and behave terribly. If you true your tyres don't forget to do the same to the rear wheels too, just enough to make sure they are round with no high spots. You could also try a flexible cyano glue to make sure the hub does'nt rotate within the tyre under hard acceleration.

Before going completely magless you could try moving the magnet forward in the chassis (if possible) so that you start to get the hang of running a car with less magnetic downforce.

2 options for tuning on the cheap, try different pinion gears. If you have a short windy track use a gear with less teeth, if you have long straights with flowing bends try a gear with more teeth. I had the best results by lowering the pinion gear by one or two less tooth, made the car feel more controllable. To do this you will need a pinion puller/press, I think the best bang for your buck there would be the Ninco version, though probably best to go for a quality one as you'll be using it a lot.
2nd option is upgrade your controllers, the standard Scaley versions are like on/off switches. Never used digital so not sure if you can change the throttle response curve or something?
At least a controller will get used for every car.

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