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I had dinner with Frits Passet, Hornby's International Sales & Marketing Director, in Dubai the other night, and he mentioned that Scalextric will be launching something really sensational in December...

Unfortunately, no amount of Cheval Blanc Saint-Emilion could entice him to say anything more
. I did ask if it was the much rumoured digital system, especially given Hornby's experience with electric model trains, but it just drew a blank look... I guess we will have to wait until the Scalextric Distributor's Convention in Valencia in November before we get a hint of anything.

Frits did volunteer that sales of the new Mini were exceeding all projections and that pre-orders of the soon to be released Renault F1's are substantial, with Renault themselves having ordered 4,000 cars and large orders being placed from dealers in France and Spain.

Kind regards

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