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Scalextric - This Escort next please...

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Nice to see Scalextric's next Escort release is a track car (c3212) but it's not the one I asked for, sometimes I wonder if they're listening to me at all....

Anyway, keep 'em coming and next time make sure you make this one, pretty please.

Thanks for listening.
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I did start to make one ages ago using the later release Scaley Escort. I cracked the windscreen getting it out, eventually I painted the stripped shell but it looked terrible and I never finished is, still got it in pieces somewhere upstairs.

Have you ever posted images of your finished car? I've never seen it. Did you print your own decals? I started collecting images to use but once the painting failed I gave up. Love to see your car please.

Like the Ford GT Gran Turismo relivery I did a while ago you can guarentee if I go to the bother of doing the Fitzpatrick car Scalextric will release it about a month later....
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I love it, don't know why I didn't use the old shell, it's a good shape actually isn't it.
Is it painted Diamond white? The white I bought wasn't bright enough.
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