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Here goes, I downloaded the Track Designer from scalextrics website yesterday. And today I designed a layout. The problem I am having is: On the bottom of my current track parts is a Letter. What the track designer is asking me, is for the scalextric part numbers. This is where my problem is. I cannot find what "B" means as far as scalextric part number.

Can anyone lend some input to me. Maybe a breakdown of letter/part numbers are. So I can cross refrence them.

Thank you!

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may be way off with this but here goes.The differing radii bends have letters to id them so as an example:

A =r1
B=r2 etc..i did ask a similiar question a while back and adrian norman was kind enough to post a link to the scaley web site wich has a full breakdown of letter prefix codes for corners...

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Here they are :

C8200 Quarter Straight F
C8201 Hairpin Curve R1 J
C8202 Inner Curve 45 R1 K
C8203 Racing Curve R2 E
C8204 Outer Curve R3 N
C8205 Standard Straight B
C8206 Std Curve 45 R2 C
C8207 Half Straight D** ** To be positioned in centre of under side of track so base plate covers the ID mark when it becomes an electronic item.
C8208 Side Swipe L to R G
C8246 {
C8209 Side Swipe R to L H
C8210 90 Crossover P
{ L8502 Leap Take off R to L H
C8209 Side Swipe L
{ L8501 Leap Landing M
C8217 Power Base A
C8222 Converter 1/2 Straight R *
C8223 Border ½ Straight BA
C8224 Border (Outer Curve) R3 BB
C8225 Border (Inner Curve) R2 BC
C8228 Border (Std Out Curve) R2 45 BD
Border Lead in L/H BE
C8233 {
C8238 Border (R4 outer 22.5 deg) BG
C8239 Border (R2 outer 22.5 deg) BH
C7041 Pit Lane Counter EE}
C8143 RMS (PC Interactive) Track ED}
C8215 Electronic Lap Counter EA} ID to be on base plate of these electronic items near reg's
C8216 Pacer EB} ID to be on base plate of these electronic items near reg's
C7039 Digital electronic lap counter EC
C8235 22.5 Curve R4 S
C8236 Short Straight T
C8234 22.5 degree Curve U
C8240 Border (R1 outer 45 degree) BJ
C8278 22.5degree R1 Curve V
C8279 Border 180 degree Inner BL
C8280 Border R2 Inner BM
C8281 Border R3 Inner BN
C8282 Border R4 Inner BP
C8295 Elevated Crossover Track W
C8296 R2 45 degree Bank Curve CB
C8297 R3 45 Degree Bank Curve NNB
L9928 Digital Lane Change R to L X
L9929 Digital Lane Change L to R Y
L9926 Half Straight Sensor Track Z1
L9927 Half Straight Power Break Track Z2
ML10873 45/90 degree straight border RH BR*
ML10872 45/90 degree straight border LH BK*
L10874 Powerbase extended with border AX*
L10162 Digital Std powerbase DRMj AZ1*
ML00232 Digital 4 button powerbase AZ1*
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