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Scalextric trucks

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My granchild has masterd getting round the track just. Anybody got a track and are they an easy drive? Obviously I will need a DPR chip but that is no issue. Can you take the magnet out and does it still run reasonably? Will it get round an R1?
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We race the trucks as a club class and they are great fun. They will get around an R1 - it can even be done side by side if its not the squeeze version.

They go well without magnets if you add a 5g weight as far back as possible - I zip tied an adhesive backed 5g wheel weight inside the rear bumper (the adhesive Aline isnt enough).

You will have to glue and true the rear tyres and they respond really well to a light oiling. Its also worth trying down the front tyres and zero gripping them. Also glue them because a sideswipe on a track edge can dislodge the tyres slightly and induce a big wobble.

My only real complaint about these trucks is that the guide sits too high with about 2mm if the blade not in the slot. You can true the front tyres down a lot to rectify this but its poor design.

These are great fun to race and we have voted to run them again in 2018 so they are popular.
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Thanks, sorry to be so late with the reply.
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