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QUOTE According spare parts list rear tyre of K.1 Go-Kart is same as C.76 Mini Cooper tyres (W141). I think this can't be true. I tried Mini's tyre to Go-Karts rear rim. Tyre is absolutely too small for this rim.

Yes it is the same tyre, you just have to stretch it over the rim, I know it looks like it won't fit but it will.
The C7 Mini with the larger rims uses this small tyre as well.
It's because of this stretching that the K1/C7 tyres are usually perished and cracked.

QUOTE What are differences between rear tyres (W1552) of sports prototypes (like Javelin, Electra, Miura, P4 etc.) and front tyres (W1554) of Power Sledge single seaters? I have always thought they are same. According service sheets they aren't.

There are two different rear tyres for the Javelin, Electra etc, one of them uses the front power sledge tyre on the rear the other uses another tyre, this applies to UK cars, French ones use different tyres and so do USSR cars.

Scalextric tyres from this era really is a complicated subject, I have all the info in my head and know which is which but having the time to get all that down on paper is another matter!
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