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Good Afternoon,

A load of brown boxes arrived this morning full of the new Scalextric Velodrome Cycling set G1072.

First impressions - Its basically a Micro set with brown track and bikes instead of cars, but none the less its still good fun. I still wish scalextric just made some 1/32 scale bikes, this would have been much more fun for us enthusiasts who dont really want to go into 1/64 scale racing.

Anyway here is a quick video below so you can see it in action.

Also incase any of you still havent made the leap to the Digital 6 Car powerbase C7042, here is a quick video of it running the pacer car function. Basically you can have upto 6 cars running automatically, you can choose the speed of each individual car and choose whether it changes lane randomly, constantly or not at all. Its good fun and that only one of the functions.

Scalextric - Jadlam Racing Models

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