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Hi all.Just bagged myself a really nice set.
Sadly as most missing a few small parts.

Does anyone out there have any spare parts for the Scalextric james bond set of 1967/8

Looking for the sharpshooter/marksman.Green bank or grass knowl,although not fussed about the bank.

The passenger bandit for the aston,plus the edjector seat activating track rock.

Roof panel,one front machine gun.

Long shot i know.I only want genuine parts,i know and use BTS

Also in need of a yellow card inner tray.

I Know these where ones being made by a great guy a while back,Stan Robottom or Ramsbottom i think his name is.

Haven't been to decent toy fair for years now to see if he is still doing the rounds.

Is anyone in contact with him these days?

Kindest thanks for your time.

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