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Scalextric walwart wires.

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Just wondering if anyone knows which of the scalextric walwart power supply wires is which ?

One wire has a white stripe, one has nothing.

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the white stripe is + all black is - hope that helps john
hy grunt, i had to hard wire my track anyway.i was using a 15v 5amp power supply with a few hot motors and i got fed up repairing the circuit board every time it went pop. i bought another supply 12v 30amp to run my really hot motors on. the supplies are dead cheap from china £22 for my latest one. your powerbase will handle all the motors in the standard cars up to 1 amp draw at 12v. most of the aftermarket motors fall into this catagory. if your not sure about a motor just check it out in the motor list. john
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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