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Scalextric walwart wires.

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Just wondering if anyone knows which of the scalextric walwart power supply wires is which ?

One wire has a white stripe, one has nothing.

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Thanks for the reply.

The reason i'm asking is cause i've cut the wires off the walwart and have connected the wires to a variable power supply.

It's working fine with the wire that has the stripe on +positive.
I haven't tried swapping the wires over as yet cause it's working as is.

The problem is i'm getting an electronic controller and i want to make sure that i've got the polarity right for it, so i don't damage the controller.
Using standard scalextric controllers it currently doesn't matter what way round i have the wires.
Thanks John,

That's the answer i was after, and is how i have it hooked up at the moment.

I have a controller module for scalexetric home set turning up today and didn't want to fry it with my variable power supply being wired wrong to the sport power base.

I am waiting for the sport power base to fry though, but it seems to be running just fine at 10v to the rails. I guess time will tell.
Thank you also for your very informative reply, your answer is why i was wanting to make sure i had the power supply the right way around for my electronic controller.

When i eventually get my bench built and a track layout that I'm happy with to keep permanent I will hard wire the track properly with driver stations.
Thanks guys.

I got the controller module yesterday and it's all running good,
well, with the one exception of the red LED in my controller handle has stopped working but that's another issue.

RichD, i picked up a second hand powerbase which i'm using in the case it did fry when i first tried it all.
My power supply is a 0-24vDC 15A regulated running 12v which comes out at around 10v to the rails.

I have seen the thread regarding putting jumper wires accross the diode's but the reference pictures are no longer there and i couldn't quite figure which diode's to jumper accross.

It's just a temperary stop gap till i get the setup more permanent.
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1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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