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I think there is room for improvement there and we might be able to help Scalextric to plan their future improvements by collecting sensible suggestions together in one place - right here! We know that Adrian Norman visits us from time to time and will take suggestions to Scalextric for their consideration.

This thought has been in the back of my mind for some time, but was triggered today by my visiting the site to obtain a catalogue.

I shouldn't have had to as my local dealer should have had them in stock, but he had not.
"Maybe the end of the month," he said.
"Sod it!" I said.
Well, being a perfect gentleman, I didn't actually say it.
But I THOUGHT it very loudly!
No wonder I don't go out much these days.

Onwards to Aunt Horny's Scalextric site.
I selected Products & Shop,
then sub group Catalogue & Shop
then typed in "catalogue " in Key Word
Selected "All Categories " in the Category Box
Guess what?
No Results!

I then tried to find "motors" in the Spares for Cars category
ditto - No Results!

Suggestion 1
Please make it easier to Search/Find things.

Suggestion 2
Consider making available a free, downloadable list of all stock as do some of the PC components suppliers. The list should be storable and printable. Storing on own PC could save much bandwidth on the Scalextric server and it can be quite a bit easier to shuffle through a few sheets of printed paper at home than to conduct a baulky electronic search, especially if not sure exactly what is wanted.

Suggestion 3
Consider making the entire colour catalogue freely downloadable to members of the Scalextric Racer Club!
But the way the net is going, it could eventually eliminate the need for an expensive to produce, expensive to distribute catalogue altogether. Easily updated and as often as you like. Should never be out of date. (And would save me trampling round town and freezing my parts off to no avail too!)

But these are serious suggestions.

Please add your own.
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