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Scalextric Challenger Cars

Great info on various fixes . . .

Yet another issue ... this one is sort of opposite the hairpin curve issue that I've seen in other posts/forums. This one is the w-i-d-e Carrera 4/15 hi-banked 78-inch curve, for example.

Challenger Negotiating Hi-Banked Curves - Like Carrera's 4/15 Hi-Banked . . .

I've read that Challenger has trouble negotiating Carrera hi-banked 4/15 curves. Reviewers claim the car ends up slowing down. Apparently becoming confused when trying the "learn" the track section with the hi-banked curves.

So ... anyone have experience with Challenger and hi-banked curves?

Anyway ... will really appreciate feedback about Challenger and hi-banked curves. Thanking you in advance . . .

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