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Hi Guys

Swiss's posting about his "loft finds" inspired me to dive into my loft to see if I could find some of my old slotcars that hadn't been touched for at least 20 years.

I eventually found the storage box and looked at some of the cars in side.

Most are Scalextric cars of various vintage which I thought I would refirbish for use and to add to my current collection.

Almost without exception the cars fired up first time and after a little application of lubricant seemed fine. The main problem was the tyres which had all perished and really are unuseable.

No problem, I thought I'll just get online to the Scaley website and order up some new ones. How wrong can you be.!

All I could find listed under the "Spares" section was some service sheets for the more modern type of Scalextrix car, and even then when I tried to input a number for some Caterham wheels and tyres (for a project I'm working on), the system would not recognise the part number.

I'm not blaming Scaley for this, after all these parts are very old, but really I'm after advice as to where I can obtain replacement tyres from, your wise council would be appreciated.

The specific sizes I'm after are :-

17mm x 9mm (Scaley XR3i wheel) Slicks
17mm x 8mm (Scaley Tyrell Front ) Ribbed
21mm x 12mm (Scaley Tyrell rear) Ribbed

These sizes are more or less right, but my poor eyes could have permitted errors to creep in!.

Any help is appreciated.



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A couple of suppliers you must contact are

Pendle Slot
and Mark Scale of Scale Models - sorry no link to hand for this one.

Both carry good stocks of otherwise hard to find spares.
The particular spares may well not be listed on the web sites, but please DO either phone or Email and make enquiries. It's always worth chatting to these people.
There may be other sources too.

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I was about to post a similar question on Sunday night having been disappointed by Scalextrics own site, but had a quick look at Pendle Slot Racing and Scale Models sites first and figured I should be able to obtain some Mini tyres from there....

To Pendle Slot Racing and Scale Models

To Scalextric

BTW, why have Scalextric now got an online shop, but nearly every item says 'contact your local stockist'!!!!!! Seems a bit of a waste of effort to me....

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I agree that the Scalextric site is a little frustrating, because it's hard to know where it is heading with the online shop.
Perhaps it's a temporary measure or a trial?
Or perhaps the intention is to make it a permanent and comprehensive fixture which will be gradually developed over time? Perhaps more pieces of the jigsaw will be positioned soon?
I guess only time or Adrian Norman will tell us!
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