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Scaley MGB,1964. Pics.

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Just been down to Sunderland to pick up Scaleys new MGB.
It`s an absolute beauty.
The more you look the more of the fine detailing pops out at you, such as the tiny Union Jacks on the wings & the lovely MG logos on the bonnet & boot.
The car looks right & sits nicely on the track.
Definitely one of Scaleys best efforts.

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It looks superb on your track loosesalute, when it has the proper setting surrounding the car. Does it have the FF motor in it like the Escort and Cortina?
QUOTE (MANIMMAL @ 9 Jun 2011, 03:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's got to be one of the nicest non mag cars of this era driving wise yet. even straight out of the box without lube, glue, screw etc the thing was great. I didn't bother getting lap times but the non mag pace of this car is nowhere near as stupid as the escort, cortina, torana etc
That's very good to know! For me, this wouldn't necessarily be a car I'd want to race, rather one that I'd like to use for a sunday afternoon drive and a bit of fun. Not that the Cortina and Escorts and that aren't fun, they just require a completely different, and to me a slightly strange, style to go well.
QUOTE (John Cahill @ 9 Jun 2011, 17:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>At the risk of being contrary, I just want to point out that I find the Cortina and Escort (as well as the MGB) enormous fun to drive. They are some of my all time favorites, and I'm driving them non-mag on wood-routed. I am always surprised to hear that some cars are just so odd or tricky to drive well or setup. IMO the fun is driving the car itself, as it is...not wishing it would drive as though it were another car. I find the various Revellograms a blast to drive as well...and apparently (based on comments) they too are just hopeless. It's no matter either way...but after a couple adverse Escort/Cortina comments thought I'd throw in another perspective.
Very good point there! Maybe I was a little unduly harsh towards the cars. It is of course all a matter of personal preference when it comes to out and out enjoyment. I love the AutoArt rally cars, even though they come in for a slating most of the time, and I'll admit they won't win anything in a month of Sundays.

I do really like these models, but I also always enjoy it when I take one of my Cortina's off the track and see it still in one piece
. And as for thrills while driving on my own, I will admit these models come very high in the list. They may be on the edge of a catastrophic accident all the time
but when I forget about that for a moment, I love them. It all works, and they are incredibly quick. They are the most exciting car to do 10 or 20 flat out laps in succession with on your own. They give you the thrill of going fast.

What ohms are you running on routed? Are they boxed set up? I'd love to get mine running as well as you say yours do!
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