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Scaley MGB,1964. Pics.

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Just been down to Sunderland to pick up Scaleys new MGB.
It`s an absolute beauty.
The more you look the more of the fine detailing pops out at you, such as the tiny Union Jacks on the wings & the lovely MG logos on the bonnet & boot.
The car looks right & sits nicely on the track.
Definitely one of Scaleys best efforts.

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......... I thought they were Bob and Ted on an amazing journey ..... kewl!

Seriously though, what caught my eye was the way the sunlight picks out the rear light cluster when it shine on them.
Well done scaley, another fantastic model as mouth watering and stunning as the Lotus 49. If anyone believe that scaley only makes toys then they are in for a huge surprise.
......... in referring to sunlight, I was of course referring to my car glinting Haway
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TR4s ..........

Spitfires ..............

Frog-eyed Sprite ................

MGA hardtop ........... MEGA
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...... Sunbeam Tiger
..... is it true the we used to make these cars for real here in the UK, someone tell me I'm not dreaming again
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