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I have finally settled on a circuit that I am happy with and now have the following track and borders surplus to requirements:-

8 off C8235 Radius 4 outer curve. Price = £2.50 each inc p&p in UK.
2 off C8238 Radius 4 outer borders. Price = £1.50 each inc p&p in UK.
2 off C8224 Radius 3 outer borders. Price = £1.50 each inc p&p in UK.

They were purchased 2-3 months ago.

Some of the individual pieces of track will have been assembled into a circuit at some point (I didnt use them all but a few of them were removed from the last incarnation of the circuit). The ones that were in that last circuit will have had a maximum of 10-15 minutes racing on them.

The borders have never been used and are complete with the barriers.

All items are now loose but are as good as brand new in every other respect.

If interested please send a private message or e-mail me.

Regards to all....Mark.
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