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Here`s the Scaley & Jouef Go-Karts alongside each other.
Both are approx 1/24 scale.
Whilst it was a bit of a leap in size for Scalextric, it was huge for Jouef whose cars were normally in 1/40 scale.

The Scaley Kart was first released in 1963 & the Jouef version in 1973.

Whilst the Scaley Kart has better detailing it is badly let down by it`s poor handling & lack of grip.
The Jouef Kart flies round the track & is very stable.

The Scaley Kart is quite a rare item, however with only a handful remaining the Jouef is rarer still. They were only available for a very short time & never released as part of a set. As a result it is one of the most sought after items by Jouef collectors.



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QUOTE The Scaley Kart is quite a rare item

Not really true Kev, it is fairly common but hard to find intact with all it's parts, engines, steering column etc.
A lot have survived due to its bad running on the track, they just never got trashed, same apllies to the C76 FWD Mini another bad runner that survives in quite large numbers.

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Hi Kev,very nice photos.
Heres another race ,only this time its French against French. A Jouef Go Kart vs 2 I961 Joma Go Karts which are belt driven.The Joma Karts are rather rare ,(the rear motors are almost always missing).They were also the the only belt drive Go Karts. In 1962 go Karts were released by Joma,Strombecker,& Gilbert. Scalextric was 1963. Thanks for the interesting subject Kev,Bernard

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Good idea Kev, that Jouef kart is very nice and yours looks complete.

Without really intending to, I seem to have acquired a collection of go-karts of many different varieties - here's a group photo "in situ" in my displa cabinet... artsy, eh? or just lazy...

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