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Found some usable trunks in my garden, and inspired by Tileguys scenere thread I made some large deciduous trees (10" - 14") using some dark green polyfibre and some flock from Heki.

I'll add some smaller trees and bushes later, to make the "scene" complete.

I am also re-building the section to the left of the pitlane.

Transforming this

into this:

The brick wall is made from cuting out blocks of foamboard, sanding them, gluing them to a foamboard wall. Then painting a basecolor with some added dirt, to get a "sandstone" apperance, and weather with burnt umber and burnt sienna, before drybrushing with titanium white.

The rocks in the background are made from cork tiles, wich where torn apart and hotglued on top of each other

The Dunlop tower still needs to be weathered, and I have to paint the track before finishing of the detailing with some more weathering and some growth in front of the brick wall.

I really like the yellowish sandstone colours, and consider to repaint my other stone walls to the same shades. It really brightens up the track. At the moment I'm stuggeling to find the right color for the track, This will be my 5th repaint of the track surface!

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SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greenery Always starts to really pull things together.

Nice Job.................You rock walls look very good also!!
Some of those rocks have a nice big flat surface and nice big flat surfaces are an invitation to.............GRAFFITTI LOL

Got any scale cans of Spray Paint

(actually, there are some decals available for graffitti for those who are interested in that type of detail)
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