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I did have a slotcar set with wireless analogue controllers which I picked up years ago at a catalogue clearance place for about £10 or something similiarly cheap. 32 scale, two Pug 306 WRC cars that each had 2 x AA batteries inside them so ran in a slot that lacked any tape/braid. I'm about 90% certain it was branded up as "Majorette", the French toy car company but was probably made by somebody else originally and branded according to market.

The controllers were similar to the more modern RC car controllers with a twistable, spring-loaded wheel, except obviously it was throttle on the slotcars not steering. I assume they must have had batteries in them as well.

Sadly I threw it out a couple of months ago in a house move otherwise I would have been happy to let you have the controllers.

Radio is perfectly legal in the UK if you stick with 27 or 40 MHz for so-called "land models" (stepping outside of these bands are not!), go 2.4GHz Spektrum if you want to be posh!

For 27MHz You could get a RC car receiver for about £15-20 off eBay and gut a cheap 27MHz toy for the transmitter gubbins. They are usually on the yellow crystal frequency, tri-bands yellow and two others.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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