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SCHORC club meeting round 8, 22nd August

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Hi Guys,

Round 8 of the club championship is on 22nd August, who's coming?
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August Report

A warm evening in Yelling saw 7 of the SCHORC faithful gather for another eventful evening of racing. Numbers were a bit down due to holidays, illness and work commitments but SCHORC spirit was undampened.

The Track

Tony's track for this month was another fast one. Three long straights were punctuated by a pair of 180 degree bends that then led into the twisty section covering the start finish line.



Topping the tables in every lane but yellow Craig delivered his usual effortless F1 pole, his Dad Paul was second just under 3 laps back and Al was just over two laps further back from him in third. Roy equaled Al's qualifying total but Al had the better fastest lap which decided their final qualifying order. Nick was just over a lap further back in fifth followed by Tony who didn't seem to be able to find his groove in qualifying and Steve who rounded off the field.

B Final

Tony settled into the track and took the B final win from Nick by 1.6laps. Roy was just under a lap further back in third and Steve left with the trickiest yellow lane was fourth.

A Final

After a close start, offs for Craig in Red and Paul in White left Al with the lead in the blue lane. Tony struggled with the yellow lane and retired after a few laps. After just a few laps in the lead Al was caught out on one of the bends and this put Craig and Paul back at the front. A titanic three way battle ensued with Al hanging on just a few inches behind the two battling Homewoods for 6 laps before another off put him out of contention for the top steps of the podium. Craig and Paul continued running neck and neck for the next 9 laps. Despite the pressure from his dad, Craig kept his trademark cool and it was his Dad who cracked first coming off in the early part of the last minute and handing Craig his fourth F1 win of the season.


All 7 racers stayed for Mod class and brought out a mixture of Marchons, Lifelike Ts and SRTs.


Paul Homewood stormed to pole and was over 7 and half laps clear of his nearest rival Craig. Nick delivered another impressive performance to secure the last guaranteed spot in the A final just over 3 laps back from Craig. Steve took the fourth spot on the grid over 13 laps back followed by closely by Tony. Al was languishing in sixth unable to get any consistent handling from his new mod and Roy was seventh following a number of issues in qualifying.

B Final

Tony got off to a good start in the blue lane but a string of offs dropped him back and out of contention so he retired again. Still struggling with the handling of his car Al quickly dropped back in the yellow lane from Steve in red who inherited the lead from Tony and Roy in white who was doing his best to chase down Steve. As the race progressed Roy gradually reeled Steve in until the were running neck and neck in the closing seconds of the race. Just before the timer ran out, Roy hit Al's stricken car and his car slid of the track past Steve's and finished just ahead. Steve was however in the lead when the race ended.

To settle the winner, the two of them ran a 1 minute which Steve duly won with 8.8 laps to Roy's 8.2.

A Final

Paul snuck off to an early lead in the red lane, but initially Nick wasn't far behind him in white. Craig in blue dropped back quickly from the leaders and was soon passed by Steve in yellow for third place. So by lap 3 the finishing order of the A final was decided. Paul went on to his third straight mod win by just over two laps from Nick. Steve was 1.6 laps backs from Nick and Craig had narrowed the gap to Steve down to just 0.3 laps.

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