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SCHORC mod rules

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I just wanted to get some clarification on the rules for the mod class. As I understood it the rules were as per EAHORC's mod class except that we were free to use aftermarket traction magnets in the chassis.

Apparently we aren't allowed to use the gold turbo magnets, is this right? Is there a magnet strength limit, if so how do we measure it?

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Hi Jim, the Gold magnet is N52, the Silver is N48, both actually stronger than the Marchon magnets, I sourced the magnets myself to fit the block that Deane had made years ago. The silver is the closest to the Marchon when set up as a standard stock chassis, so thats why it was selected for the Tomy chassis to race against the Marchon. for measuring you will need a 'gauss meter'.
Technically no, as the source of your magnets cannot be checked and the strength verified and therefore controlled, although a pulldown test could be made to roughly gauge the strength on a track piece. I cannot say that it can be used this season, where would it stop, before long we would have promods or quasi promods on our hands!
The Mod rules at SCHORC are basically the same as EAHORC, except I allowed the controlled N48 silver magnets in fitted to a turbo because in testing they were similar to the SRT in performance.

I do not wish to take our Mod rules too far away from the EAHORC mod rules, as most of our guys do or have raced in the national series, it is a hard body class, not a lexan blob class.

Unlike WHO where just a few run the Mod class at the nationals.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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