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SCHORC mod rules

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I just wanted to get some clarification on the rules for the mod class. As I understood it the rules were as per EAHORC's mod class except that we were free to use aftermarket traction magnets in the chassis.

Apparently we aren't allowed to use the gold turbo magnets, is this right? Is there a magnet strength limit, if so how do we measure it?

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Part of the reason I ask is that I have some neo magnets for a tyco wide pan chassis that I was planning to try in mod but wanted to know if they will be legal.

The magnets I have I am borrowing from Jon Cryer and I believe are from HC. I have 2 sets 1 have blue surrounds the other have green. I am going to give it a test tonight on Lee's track to see how it goes.
Fair enough.

I tested the magnets in the tyco last night but they overpowered the motor a little bit.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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