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SCHORC mod rules

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I just wanted to get some clarification on the rules for the mod class. As I understood it the rules were as per EAHORC's mod class except that we were free to use aftermarket traction magnets in the chassis.

Apparently we aren't allowed to use the gold turbo magnets, is this right? Is there a magnet strength limit, if so how do we measure it?

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If you are allowing N48 thats already well into ProMod territory, in fact some ProMods don't use Neo at all, they use Poly (resin with chips of Neo in).

The Neos that come stock 'toy' chassis are only N30, but of course footprint and location count too, and that is where the MR1 is so good.
Dunno what happened there, for NS read N48.

For what it is worth, the Neo Tyco magnets only come from two sources. The HC ones are easy to spot due to the pink surrounds, and come in two strengths, the K&Js are full size and are only N35.

It is possible to get Tony's 'gold' magnets in the silver, I have some, just to confuse the process further. Now you know why EAHORC pro-mod is any magnet!
Yeah, those are Harden Creek.

I'd always assumed the SCHORC rules were like the WHO ones for Mod, ie a bunch of allowed chassis and open traction magnet for all of them.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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