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Scorpius based Magracing

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Hi Guys,
Ive just had a look at the Magracing website. It says lapcounting is on the way. Any news on this?

The solenoid looks like one solenoid but Im guessing its actually 2? One for left, one for right?

Im not sure to use hall sensor or not. I was thinking since car already has a sensor one Scorpius Lane Brain could be used to count laps seeing it comes standard with 8 LEDs ready to install. I was thinking doubling up on LEDs to make a line of LEDs across the SF line.

A Mini Lane Brain could advise RMS of pit lane entry. The Scorpius Race Management System could used.

The controller is ready to go and comes with the LCD screen.

Anyway the plan is to add 2 motor drives to operate steering and perhaps a hall sensor on lead wires to count laps and pit detection and make it run on 3.7V.

Does anyone see the need for more volts, ie 7.4?

Or is time the issue. Currently you only get 20 min of run time, although the battery is easy to get in and out as its a magnetised keeper.

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Regarding Lap Counter from MagRacing home site!

No I dont think its coming, the text have been there for ower a year.
But TrackMate has a solution that pick up the Id from the infrared led in the bottom of the car , an old kind of system from other solutions with mecanilan Lane Change.
The coil is just a coil that get switched power + and - just doing different atraction to the two magnets at the steering bar!

Soo please, dont look too do the same maschine.
Its the solutions thats important, soo two batteri will also do it. But during the relaese time, thos was quait expensiv.
Wes R try to find a solutions for ewery problems with the magnets ;-) The shift of battery this way was for easy pit change like the today Electric F1 where they change car insted! Moore stupid!

As yoy also can se the body has its fastening with tree magnets, can bee done in a better way today.

Hops that descripting is right from me, or fill it up with correction.
Its just from my humble way says Lasp .
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Lasp if I understand your post you are saying the steering needs improving?
How any wires going from the board to the solenoid? 2 or 3? Anyone know?
I know the solenoids for Scorpius lane changers, the polarity makes no difference.
Is the spring there to recentre the steering?
Its only two (2) tiny tread going too the Coil, not a solinoid!

OBS its a picture where the front off the car is reassembled!

Its just morning here in sweden and I shuld bee sleping but will messaure the Voltage tommorrow and inform about the polaritet.

Good Night again from Lasp
Good morning
I remeber that I found another solutions for some years ago.
I guess this with two coils and one magnet is going arund the patent that belongs to WesR.

When it comes to Lane Change is it not the solution today thats important, its the function of chosing another lane!
Hi Guys
Ok I have this ready for a firmware re-write once John is off holiday.

Blue and white are motor drive.
Yellow is power in off braids
Red and black is for sensor for lapcounting and pit functions.
Purple and orange is coil driver
Green pair is power from board A to B
Blue and black wires are antennas.

So what Ive done here is simply glue two boards back to back and removed one capacitor.
One board drives motor and sensor, and the other drives the coil.

What Im not sure is how steering left and right with just one wire pair. Anyone know?

Anyway with a 10 min firmware upgrade for the second board and this could be running today, with the correct battery set up.
(still to check on coil driver though, Lasp if you read this could you check on polarity to coil during steering left and right? If it is reversed this wont work

To change left press LC button, to change right press AUX button.

Needs at least 8.5V to run on though.
This is simply a proof of concept exercise.
The advantage with the one AAA is that its quick change but not 8.5V
(Question: How do the cars go that fast on 3.7V?)
If going bigger batteries thats going to lead to some inconvenience? Rechargeables may be a solution.


Edit: I found this on ebay. Its a lipo pack, 11.1V, dimensions 56x30x22 mm. (too big?) 1000maH.
That should run a Scaley motor, coil and board for 1-2 hours.
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Next step I need car and batteries
Batteries easy, car not so easy.

You have a PM and I have a Car! ;-) But Santa is busy! maybe time tomorrow!
Santa made a stop here in Sweden and pickuo for carry, a small complet parcel, down to downunder.
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