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My Scorpius shipment came yesterday! I couldn't wait for actually connecting up Lane Brains, etc., so started with the basics.
First, I installed the drivers for the wireless USB dongle. No problems.
Next, batteries into a controller. With their weight in the handle, it's very balanced, and the frictionless trigger is silky. Ran the ThrottleTest to see if it worked. All good.

I had a Scaley nascar I'd pulled a D132 chip out of, so it was the easiest car to put the first chip in. I didn't bother with the led yet as no LBs installed. Turned on my CU so the track had power, put the car on the track, and drove off. Cool. So I can drive Scorpius cars among the D132's if I want more traffic.

The car drove so nice, I wanted to see my lap times. I took apart a Scaley Nascar COT that was chipped for D132, cut the motor wires and soldered them to the S-chip motor wires. I used the solder gun to melt the insulation off of the wires near the guide flag, and tied in the braid wires from the S-chip (again, no led use). I gooped all the soldered connections for insulation and reinstalled the body after testing car direction. It works great! I'm driving the car's motor from the Scorpius controller, but the D132 chip is still sending its ID for lap counting, etc. To change lanes, I have to use a D132 controller in my other hand or use a box I worked up a while back (I rigged a phone extension box with a 1/4" jack to hook up a momentary foot switch).

Awesome controller. I went to the ThrottleSetup app and gave myself a lot more control on the low end, and less past 70% to full. Downloaded it to the controller without incident. This is great- way more drivable on my test track (52', longest straight ~9'). I will definitely make a custom curve for the banked trioval as well as the big road course. In less than 50 laps, I'd lowered the test track lap record by .2, and the nascars are not the fastest cars on this track.

I can't wait till the winter racing season to run this setup on the D132 wood tracks the local guys I've met online use. Might make a few converts. Only problem is fuel usage- without D132 throttle, no fuel is used. If you tape down the throttle, you can't refuel when you run out. The group hasn't used fuel stops yet anyway, so not a big deal. There is so much more car control available with this controller.

Next up: converting my first pro-x track piece to use an LB! In the meantime, it's fun to be able to use Scorpius with my D132 setup.

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Nice report thanks. Remember not to use the set up program until John has fixed a small bug. Best to use the onboard facility for the next week or so. The result will be the same. Try sketching some graphs and transferring the numbers to the controller, this helps you get a feel for how it works. Good to see lap times tumble, this is what its all about, ease of control.
Did any other the other 9 preset curves feel ok for that particular motor set up?

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