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Hi Guys,
Updated list of Scorpius functions, programs and features:

Lane Changer Electronics
Wireless 2 way communications
Upgradeable firmware
Operates 2 flippers.
Live flippers
Anti Collision
Operates on variable voltage
Number of solenoid drivers 4
Swap flippers function
Delay function
Anti Collision switchable on/off
Adjustable time on for solenoids
Carrera LC compatible electronics
SSD LC compatible
Ninco LC compatible
Swap live flipper polarity
Fits under plastic track
Unique ID broadcasting

Wireless 2 way communications
Upgradeable firmware
Configurable parameters via controller
Configurable parameters via PC
LCD screen
Batteries internal
Battery life 3 months average use.
Battery saving function
Adjustable brakes 0-100% in 1% increments
Adjustable throttle curve onboard
Selection of storable throttle curves onboard
Brake button
Hall effect frictionless trigger
Polycarbonate casing
Analogue compatible with additional module (50A)
Adjustable spring tension
Security function (PIN)
Configurable throttle curves via controller
Configurable throttle curves via PC
Driver name on screen
Learner mode
Maximum number of cars 24

Car Decoder
Wireless 2 way communications
Upgradeable firmware
Unique programmable race line
3A power capacity
Silicone braid wires
Size in square millimetres 450
Sensor on fly lead.
Wireless telemetry
Ghost cars
Light outputs

PC communication
Wireless 2 way communication via dongle

Race management system
Auto name entry
Quick race set up
Export race data in XLS
Ghost cars
1000th sec. Timing
Customisable race screens
Auto save.
Customisable audio
Onboard instructions
Drag'n' drop driver set up
Throttle based fuel
Linear, quadratic and cubic based fuel curves
Driver handicapping
Black flag penalties, drive through, stop'n'go or timed.
Pit lane speed detection
Auto name entry
Quick race set up

Scorpius Diagnostic, flash, test and set up programs
Speed test
Lane Brain set up
Controller set up
Reflash for all components
Car data (telemetry)
LB test
Ghost car

I will elaborate on these over time to explain the benefits of various functions.


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Ghost Cars???? Halleluja!!!

This transfers Scorpius from Club to Home Racing....

Christmas is coming soon...i have to think about new orders now.


P.S. Rick, any estimation when the Safety Car function might be available?

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Hello Rick,
you told about a RMS update next week.....should have been august or september..???

Race Coordinator Version is from mai 2012....

A lot of silence......

Ghost Cars?
Safety Cars?


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Hi Arndt.
Silence means were busy

We are currently up to V.0.1.15 which includes ghost car, which means 14 updates since the first official public release in May, so a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes. Ill ask Dave to release this as soon as possible. Possibly tomorrow. I think the trial is 15 days.

Safety cars are of course the next step and an extension of the ghost car.
The 3rd phase will be recorded/smart ghost cars.

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