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Lighting options for the Scorpius MPD chip.

In short the MPD by Scorpius has 4 separate LED driver channels.
Any output can be re-configured as:
2.Tail lights
3. SSD track comms.
4. Carrera track comms
5. SCX track comms
5. Sirens
6. Exhaust flame simulator

This innovative reconfiguration program will be in the app.
Want to run the car in SCX mode whilst utilising sirens?
How about Carrera mode with full headlights and brake/tail lights?
Or a car in SSD mode using exhaust flame simulation?
Maybe you want SSD and Carrera modes plus exhaust flame simulation? The flexibility is there.

You can do all this from your Scorpius controller. Just select the Aux button to turn each function on/off.

Of course the output would need to correct LED type and colour:
1.Headlights.... clear or white LEDs
2.Tail lights...... red LEDs
3. SSD track comms.... IR LED
4. Carrera track comms ...IR LED
5. Siren red, yellow or blue
6. Exhaust flame red, yellow or orange LEDs.

So the Scorpius MPD will also act as a specialist wireless lighting board for any scenario where the Scorpius controller can be utilised.


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ahahahahah, i knew that when I was going to post my wiwhlist on lighting options someone was going to even make a longer wishlist.
Good on you...Good on you. ahahahah.

Prof I T
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Prof I T
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Two designs incorporated into 1, the main point being the flexibility of the configuration possibilities..
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