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This is the Scorpius digital multi protocol vertical test track which is currently being assembled Downunder.

It will test chip performance on motor drive performance and reliability as well as lap counting and lane changing performance, k limits and reliability.

In the picture anti clockwise we have:

1. Carrera Control Unit.

2.Scorpius Lane Brain. This will drive the LEDs and receive lap count and lane change commands. A program we have puts a timestamp into an excel file and produces a bell tone on every successful command, so you can hear it while you multitask. Switch between lap count and lane change using a quick wireless reconfiguration.

3. Scalextric C7042 Advanced powerbase.

4. Scalextric Arc Pro powerbase.

5.Scalextric C7030 powerbase.

6.Ninco digital powerbase.
Dead strips to be added to track.

7. SCX Advance. Empty. Trying to easily source V2.0 compatible Bluetooth lapcounter.

8. Oxigen. Empty, Magnet to be installed under track for start finish line. 2 magnets to be installed for pit stops. Oxigen lane change chip to be installed for lane change testing.

This is in preparation for current and upcoming projects.

The loop makes for efficient large scale testing, generally in runs of 1,000 or 10,000 laps.

All lane change testing will be done by routing solenoid driver wires to an LED or possibly a modified Scorpius car chip back to the test look program.

Testing of lapcounting on the various systems will use proprietary powerbase or dongle and accompanying 3rd software or app if chosen/applicable.

Test loop hardware to be powered by a lab quality 20V, 30A or 15V, 30A regulated and variable power supply in order to test at various voltages/speeds. Connecting leads for each powerbase except SCX have been made up so far.

Simple banks of switches will be used to isolate powerbases as required.
First test will be the F1 chip which arrives late next week.
And very soon the Scalextric braid plate chip.

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