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Scorpius Multi Purpose Decoder

The aim: To supply to market one easy to use, multi purpose, multi protocol product, small in size, hardware/firmware rich product that can perform a multitude of tasks for multiple brands. The enthusiast can upload various products into the decoder. Downloads from the website are included in the initial cost of the product. Imagine if your Scorpius Carrera compatible MPD lane changer could re-purposed as a Scorpius Scalextric Sports Digital compatible car decoder? Or as a Scorpius Lane Change decoder? Or as a wireless light board for WAM users?

The solution: Develop hard/firm/soft/appware that can perform a multiple tasks on multiple platforms. Thus saving development costs and time. Resulting in cheaper more flexible products.

Functionality: Car decoder. Smart Lane Change decoder. Location decoder. Light decoder (analogue WAM users). Dongle (with resistive output for Scalextric C7042/7030 and Carrera 124/132 Digital CU).

Product description: A 26x13mm multi-protocol, hardware rich, multi-function chip. The product can be fitted to any slot car, DPR hatch, track cavity or powerbase input.

The decoder is designed to fit a DPR hatch using the Scorpius quick release mechanism. It is also designed to fit easily within the cavity of Carrera, Scalextric, Ninco, etc track systems. It can run on 8.5-18V AC or DC using any polarity. It has 3 power drive circuits, LED driver outputs and 1 phototransistor circuit, hall sensor, protection, headlights with high beam, brake lights and proprietary RF and BLE connection.

The Brands: In alphabetical order: Carrera 132/124 Digital, Scalextric Sport digital, Scorpius Wireless, Technitoys SCX.

Added functionality: Some functions like lane changing may have additional features added over proprietary functionality, example upgraded brakes, lights, ULTIMA, a combination of AC (anti collision function) and PEARL (programmable electronically activated race line) and location.

Versions: There is only one version of the MPD. However the default firmware is Car Decoder, which encompasses the brands mentioned.

See the document for more detail.


View attachment MPD Document.pdf


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When you say "functionality" are you referring to the same piece of hardware to work as a lane changer driver, locator and in car decoder?

I am not sure that having a multi-purpose hardware/appware is going to save on dev costs. But personally as most of the customers we do not care as long as it works and it is not going to cost an arm and a leg.

How about Scalex and Carrera licenses? Did you already have a deal with them?

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I think the idea of having a single piece of hardware which can deliver a range of different functions across the entire digital system e.g. decoders, dongles and under-track sensors is great! Its going to be fun seeing in due course all the new possibilities of this approach.

Perhaps something similar will happen with configuration apps? one app (and its distribution) will be used to configure and control all the alternative functions of the above new board?


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Agreed. The total cost will be nearly the same but having just one configurable device versus numerous devices is a benefit depending on the complexity for programming. Maybe even a bit of economy of scale and lower overall inventory costs.

The migration from whatever you have to one of the aftermarket digital alternates isn't cheap but appears to be an interesting direction for digital systems in both performance and features.

I have started migrating away from standard Carrera cars to chipping NSR cars with MPL decoders. Next will be the digital system once ready...

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Why Ninco digital and the C7030?

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1 Multipurpose. Can be used as car decoder, lane changer driver, pit detector or lap counter for 5 brands
2. Revised size now 22.00x13.30 size.
3 Scorpius compatible
4 Carrera full car decoder compatibility.
5 Scalextric Sport Digital full car decoder compatibility.
6 SCX car decoder compatible if using Scorpius controller.
7 Ninco car decoder Compatible if using Scorpius controller.
8 Runs on AC or DC systems.
9 Runs on 8.5-18V.
10 Uses Nordics nRF 52840 WLSCP chip.
11 Dual radio output. RF (using Scorpius protocols) and BLE (Bluetooth low energy, ie phone connection app).
12 App featuring virtual dashboard and wireless updating and configuration set up pages.
13 2 LED output channels, each channel with an onboard mounted 3mm dia. IR LED for DPR hatch use (Scalextric and Pioneer cars only) and another LED mounted on 75mm flylead. When configured as car decoder one channel represents Carrera and the second channel represents Scalextric Sport Digital. When configured as a lane changer the decoder becomes a Scorpius Lane Brain lane changer controller.
14 2 Photo transistor input channels, each channel with onboard mounted 3mm dia. photo transistor (sensor) for DPR hatch use (Scalextric and Pioneer cars only) and another photo transistor mounted on 75mm flylead. When configured as car decoder one channel represents Carrera and the second channel represents Scalextric Sport Digital.
15 When configured as a lane changer you can choose either Carrera or Scalextric Sport Digital.
16 Powerful 10A motor drive.
17 Powerful 8.8A brake drive.
18 Solenoid driver for SCX 3A.
19 Headlights, high beam, low beam, on/off, controllable from Scorpius controller. Clear 3mm LEDs.
20 Tail lights/brake lights. Red 3mm dia. LEDs.
21 Back EMF detection for traction control and future diagnostic programs.
22 Accelerometer with gyro for use in a proposed ghost car project and front to rear collision detection.
23 Hall sensor to sense motor revolutions (tachometer).
24 SCX plunger solenoid driver, 3A.
25 JST plug connection for power in/out, lights and hall sensor.
26 Custom DPR hatch available to suit Scalextric and Pioneer cars.
27 Programmable race line for Scorpius, Scalextric Sport Digital and Carrera digital systems if using Scorpius lane changer electronics.
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